Club Registration for your Team

At no additional cost, your club can use registration on the Swimmingly® Platform in 2022! Collect club dues and additional revenue items at checkout from all families on the Swimmingly® Platform!

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Club Registration on the Swimmingly® Platform

  • There is no additional cost for using Club Registration.
  • Your club can collect registration dues from all of your swim families!
  • Additionally, your club can generate additional revenue by adding additional checkout items (scroll to see more information)!
  • Connect your club's bank account & collect club registration dues on the Swimmingly® Platform!
    • We use industry-standard Stripe as our trusted payment gateway and do not store your financial information.
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Flat Fee Club Registration Dues

Club Registration Dues Option #1

Flat rate for all swimmers

  • By far the simplest solution for your club. This option creates a single, flat rate for all swimmer registration dues that your club collects.

Club Registration Dues Option #2

Tiered pricing for multiple swimmers per family

  • A popular choice for swim teams that discount multiple swimmers per family.
  • Create a price point for club dues in a transaction for the 1st swimmer, 2nd swimmer, 3rd many as you'd like!
  • Also, optionally provide a 'maximum transaction' amount in your tiered pricing structure.
Pricing for Club Registration Dues
Additional Checkout Items

Additional Checkout Items

Add additional revenue items & generate more revenue for your club

  • Create as many additional checkout items as you'd like, generating more revenue for your club:
    • T-shirts & swag
    • Towels
    • Trophies
    • Volunteer Buyout fee
    • Championship/City Meet entry fee
    • Be creative, it's your club!

Custom Waivers & Disclosures

Easily create and customize waivers & disclosures for your parents to read, acknowledge and agree to:

  • Create as many customized waivers & disclosures as your team requires.
  • Copy & paste your customized waivers when customizing your club's registration setup on the Swimmingly® Platform.
  • Or, start with ready-made templates for liability, code of conduct, volunteer agreement, and medical disclosures...and customize them at-will!
Customize Waiver & Disclosure Templates
Registration Discount Codes

Discount Codes

Provide discount codes for your parents during registration

  • Create as many discount codes as you'd like & sharing them with your parents. Typical discount codes might include:
    • Early-bird discount
    • Special discount for swimmers of board members
    • Junior-coach athlete discount

"Swimmingly® was really fun to try for the families at our club! Live results on the SwimminglyFan app was the best part. If you're willing to try something new, this is it!"
Steve D. - Inter-Club Swim Association