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Swimmingly Pricing

One-Stop-Shop Pricing for your Club

Enjoy EVERYTHING that Swimmingly has to offer to run your entire season!

Seasonal Membership


All access to the Swimmingly platform!
  • All League admin permissions & features
  • All Club admin permissions & features
  • All parent/guardian permissions & features including SwimminglyFan all-access
  • All Swimmingly app timing system features
  • All Swimmingly Clubhouse meet management features
  • All Swimmingly Clubhouse team management features

Swimmingly gives your swimmers, parents, coaches, club, and league a one-stop-shop.


  • Online Club Registration

  • Meet Schedule & Signups

  • Meet Entries & Heat Sheets

  • In-App Timing System

  • In-App Live Results

  • Parent Portal

Questions? We will put you on the right path!

Running a swim season is no easy task. If you are looking for ways to improve and simplify  the swim season and meet experience, let's talk! Ask questions and see how hundreds of leagues are using Swimmingly to take the pain and stress out of running their season!